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1. smooli - December 19, 2007

when did you two puffles first start fighting?
Lime Says:
Since the beginning of time

2. cwpleader - December 21, 2007

why do you fight?
Lime Says:
Different reasons.

3. funguin - December 26, 2007

Can I have a puffle page at my site for all 7 of my puffles?
Lime Says:
Sure, Just give credit!

4. funguin - December 26, 2007


5. rockhoppertracker - December 28, 2007

I’m also doing something like this, a brother and sister who don’t really like each other, but it is also based on a book I’ve written called Diary f a Puffle. I still gave you credit on my site, s oif you wanna take a look ,here’s the link:

also, how do you make sub pages?

6. Xfadeaway - January 1, 2008

May I have an puffle page at my site called sand6.wordpress.com?
Lime Says:
Sure, just give credit.

7. Cheeky888 - January 4, 2008

wats credit mean
Lime Says:
It’s like you say I Got This Idea From —— At Their Site At ——

8. FAB FAN - January 4, 2008

do you two like tacos?
Lime Says:
I like tacos!

Tacos are good!

9. lavaster - January 5, 2008

[Goes crazy]
[Sasha, Lavaster’s puffle walks over and starts typing this comment]
Sasha: im lavaster’s puffle… and when Lavaster hears the word, ‘taco’, she goes crazy like right now… [lavaster gets crazier]
Sasha: Uh oh, I said it!

10. Pappydrewit™ - January 6, 2008

can i have some fishy crackers?

11. Pappydrewit™ - January 6, 2008

do you two always like pie?

12. Pappydrewit™ - January 8, 2008


*uses pie launcher at myself* Mmm, blueberry!

Stay Pappy!

Papp 8)

13. juanfrancisco - January 19, 2008

Hey can I be a beta snow.
Lime Says:
I’m not Snow, and No.

14. dandeman13000 - January 25, 2008

wats the closet like???

Lime Says:
Um…If you mean the cupboard then its this big white space with lots of pies and The Pie Monster lives there,I play cards with him sometimes

15. Capuff<3s pie! - January 26, 2008

1 word, dandeman, SCARY!

16. sandystar45 - February 3, 2008

lime and lemon u rule but lemon u r SO better than lime hahaha lime! (lol) no really both u rule and i will bring my blue puffle over 1day so u can have pie fight! i had a red puffle named cinnimon but the mods. took him away! so now i have ablue puffle named hooper’s son and i have another named blueberry. i will bring blueberry so u can have PIE FIGHTS!!!!

17. Pappydrewit™ - February 16, 2008

dO yOu TwO lIkE LeMoNaDe aNd LImEaDe?

18. ELMO+PIE+LEMON+ LIME= GOODNESS - February 16, 2008

Hey Lemon and Lime:
You guys are soooo funny,
do you like pie and elmo?
lalalalalalalala i like pie
lalalalalalalala elmo rox
i think your site rocks
theres so much to do
yes yes cheese rox too

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