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The Puffles Backround

Bad Puffle Backround

I Heart Puffles Backround

Brick Wall Backround

Water Puffle Backround

More coming soon!


Take this poll please, so we know what step to take next:




1. lugia111 - December 20, 2007


2. belldranit - December 26, 2007

how do u make em? i wanna make one
Lime Says:
Not telling. Why did you yell at me on Snow’s site to shut up before we moved here?

3. emtek77 - December 26, 2007


4. Xfadeaway - December 26, 2007

I don’t wanna come here just to buy wallpapers, I just came here because it’s snowing outside so I don’t wanna get wet, Wow, I didn’t know a store was waterproof!

5. Belldranit - December 28, 2007

Lime Says:
I’m going to ask Snow how to blacklist you. This is so offense!

6. belldranit - December 29, 2007

Lime Says:
I don’t care! You have been blacklisted, enjoy.

7. razpuff - January 3, 2008

I AM BELLDRANIT’S PUFFLE. now if u get belldranit off the blacklist, u get pie. if u don’t, U WILL PAY A VISIT WITH ELMO. deal or no deal!

Well, we can’t do that for a few reasons…

1. You can’t bribe us with pie. Snow already gives us enough of that.
2. Snow would probably love to pay a visit to Elmo.
3. Whatever Belldranit did (I don’t know) he can’t make it up.
4. You are blacklisted too because your on his computer. I recovered this comment from spam.

8. razpuff - January 5, 2008

maybe um… ooh! if u get me un-blacklisted u get tacos!
Lime Says:
I’m blacklisting this ip too!

9. emtek77 - January 22, 2008

…a lot of people are mean to u guys(lemon and lime) they should be nicer! i should start some club, like BE NICE TO PUFFLES! or something that keeps all these bad blacklisted ppl away!

10. Pengills - January 22, 2008

I thought blackberry is a firend too so why isnt he or she on the puffles background? did she not want to be on it? (If blackberry didnt want to be on it that sounds just like my puffle Shade, he always hides in the furniture when he can when i take a pic of my igloo lolz)


P.S. I agree with emtek, people should show more respect, not just for puffles but for everyone
Lime Says:
Blackberry was in the wild… we couldn’t get in touch and He’s not a she!

11. Castfire - February 10, 2008

Sooo…. Have you thought if I can do prnt outs?

12. paranormalpengy - February 24, 2008

cool store! are these things like desktop screensavers? I want one but if I get one my mom will kill me!

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