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Peach: So thats why Teddy’s not allowed at the pizza parlor anymore!

Lemon: Wow um…


Peach has left the chat

Lemon: *sighz* alone!

  has entered the chat

Lemon: urg not again WHO R U??????????


Ashes: Ok now?

Lemon: Funguin’s black puffle Ashes??? ur the mysterious figure!

Ashes: Ya i’m sorry Lemon!

Lemon: Why did you do it???????

Ashes: I wanted to see if…. nevermind!

Lemon: I cant believe it was you!

Ashes: Are you mad at me?

Lemon: no, no, of course not. i only wish I knew why you did it!

Ashes: Can we 4get it ever happened?

Lemon: Ya

Ashes: I haven’t see you around school much!

Lemon: Ya I’m really busy… wanna hear why Peach’s bro Teddy isn’t allowed at the pizza parlor anymore?

Ashes: Ok!

Lemon: Ok so Peach and Teddy went to the pizza parlor…. but Peach didnt know Teddy brought his pie launcher along and the pizza parlor owner was there!

Ashes: No really?

Lemon: Ya, and then when they… Oh I’ll tell you the rest of the story later Ashes…. Snow’s trying to see if she can fly again!

Lemon has left the chat

Ashes: sigh

Ashes has left the chat



1. Lola - February 24, 2008


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