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Lime’s Journal


Dear Puffle Journal,

Finally I created my page! Just so everyone knows I log onto Snow on the computer that we hide in the pantry. (You don’t want to know what other stuff Snow hides in there. But you can ask Capuff she went in there a few times.) Blackberry, my friend who is a black puffle, came over today while Snow was watching Elmo. (I don’t see what she sees in that show) She kept singing the song so much that Blackberry and I finally broke the T.V. Knowing Snow we told her it was the Elmo Robbers, who try to rob all of Club Penguin of Elmo. She went crazy and tried to form a mob of Elmo Lovers to stop them! I never miss a chance to make fun of Snow!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Something horrible happened today! Snow got a new tv with a new cable program. Apparently this new program comes with an “Elmo Channel”. The remote also allows you to fast forward or to go back in a tv channel. All day im hearing the Elmo’s World theme song! Time to destory tv number two! But first I need pie. You can’t destory a tv without being hyper. Be right back…. looking for pie……… OH NO SNOW EAT THE LAST PIE! NOOOOO! I’ll get her for this!


Dear Puffle Journal,

All my ribs are broken. They all snapped when Snow made me play a stupid game of Puffle Throwing. She throw me off Mt. Penguin and I nearly hit the dojo before I hit a huge rock that broke all my ribs. Im typing from St. Mary’s Hospital for Puffles. I hate it here, it smells like cat litter ( . But im not the only one. Half the puffles here are hurt from Puffle Throwing. Who would be stupid enough to play that game? Oh wait, Thats pinky and creamfan in the beds near me. That only means…. SNOW! DID YOU MAKE UP THIS GAME? ONLY YOUR FRIENDS WOULD PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU MADE IT UP! YOUR THE QUEEN OF STUPID GAMES!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Finally my ribs are healed and I got out of St. Mary’s Hospital. I’ll be right back I have to take care of something, *hops away* *punches Snow in ribs*. THAT WILL LEARN YOU! Now that I’m back I have so many things to carch up on. Heres my “to do” list.

*Wake up


*Insult Snow

*Blackberry comes

*Me and Blackberry insult Snow


*Destory t.v. while Snow is watching “The Elmo Channel”

*Take pie launcher and shoot things in the igloo with it


*Practice evil laughs

*Persuade Snow not to play “Puffle Throwing” with me





Dear Puffle Journal,

It’s so great to be back! The fall fair is very fun. I love playing “Ring the bell” because all I do is hop on it and I get 25 tickets! What was your favorite part of comic 17? My favorite part is when Snow stops to get a cotton candy at the food stand while shes running down the mountain and I call her an idiot! Now if you don’t mind I have a lot of “insulting Snow” to catch up on!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Sorry I haven’t been on lately I’m just very busy! With all my insults, evil planning, and hanging out. Although I have been in pause mode alot since Snow’s at school. *sigh* I hate pause mode it’s so Pause Modish.


Dear Puffle Journal,

Did you hear? Pjsandsunday is back! I’m scared. I wonder what she will do this time! Any ideas? Blackberry is coming over everyday. I guess he’s scared about Pjsandsunday too.  Probably because Snow says Pjsandsunday’s only weakness is- well I don’t want to spoil the comic!


Dear Puffle Journal,

You know how Snow is a writer and writes books? Well Snow is going to write a book on my life! She says she going write about a chapter a week. It’s great to know Snow is actually doing something good that’s not stupid!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Today I posted the first chapter of my book. I got the idea from my friend newsie. ( www.castfirethepenguin.wordpress.com/) I made up the story and Snow turned it into a book using her skills as a writer. Snow is writing more chapters so look for them soon.

In other news today I got my own computer for my puffle house in Snow’s igloo. Also I want a new title for this page. Any ideas? Oh wait, I’ll make an ideas page!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Sorry I haven’t updated alot I have just been vey busy! Has anybody noticed my new page Puffle Games? Its going to be filled with fun games including me! It’s still under construction so watch out for when its open!Also Snow’s having a party on the 28th count on me to be there! (and please no eating me) Blackberry will be there also! (because there are so many black puffles that are going to be in the igloo ask Snow which one is Blackberry!) By the way have I mentioned im sitting in the cupboard right now? Well I better get out of here I think the pie monster is waking up! *runs out of cupboard*


Dear Puffle Journal,

I was working on the puffle games page for a long time and its very close to opening! Snow’s party was fun and Happy Very Late Birthday Snow! I guess Snow’s under lots of stress I guess since she hasn’t posted in awhile. But anyways: Snow when will you write Chapter 3 of my autobiography? Gee Wilikers! The Pie monster is coming! *gets pie launcher* *shoots* YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! (as seen in when I Kidnapped Elmo Part 1!)


Dear Puffle Journal,

I hope you all are enjoying the puffle games! Im adding more soon! Elmo escaped and I’m not that scared now that we have a pie launcher 5000. (View the story book page for more info.) *sigh* I’m really bored here. Snow’s not online and I used Pengills idea for not staying in pause mode. It worked! But sadly I can’t go outside the igloo. So I might play a game of cards with the pie monster. He’s really evil once you get to know him. Being evil is something we have in common. More Later


Dear Puffle Journal,

I just did my first interview with The Snowy News! I’m so happy! Also I’m adding more puffle games soon! They will be very cool! Next, I would like to thank Snow949 FOR JUST HITTING ME WITH HER PIE LAUNCHER 11,000! *Snow runs off laughing* VERY FUNNY SNOW! Well I better hit her back with my pie launcher before she turns on Elmo! More Later!


Dear Puffle Journal,

As you may know, I gave my autobiography to Snow. I’m too busy working on prints. They are games you can print out or play on paint. Extremely fun! However, it’s very hard for me (no hands) to make them. I am also busy with the Snowy News. Did you know that Snow wants something from me for the news each week? She really takes that news seriously. But better things happened this week too! The new pie launcher 13,000 is supposed to be released Sunday, but thanks to some connection I got mine today! One day earlier. Yes, now my pie launcher 13,000 can beat Snow’s 11,000. SNOW COME HERE I HAVE A LATE BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOU!

Snow, “What is it Lime?”



Dear Puffle Journal,

Guess what I got a stupid sister (Yep Snow said we were brother and sister. Lucky Us)  Say hello to Lemon. She has a page here too. Great now I have to see her on wordpress too. Lucky me…


Dear Puffle Journal,

Lemon’s been acting weird lately. I guess it is because she’s weird. Well prints are still a lot of work. I just can’t believe how hard they are. I’m trying so hard too! Oh great Lemon’s trying to see what I wrote here… better get my pie launcher 17,000 (Yes I upgraded) *loads with pecan pies* Mwhahahaha *pie launcher breaks* OH COME ON! *grabs remote* I’ll just hit her with this.


Dear Puffle Journal,

Have any of you read the story Scaredy Puffle on the page puffle tales? I can’t believe I decided to be nice! Lemons being really nice to me now, it creeps me out. No sister can be nice to me! Maybe I should round up the old gang (Blackberry, Newsies, Mozza, Pinky) to help me make a plan againist Lemon. I’ll call them right now!


Dear Puffle Journal,

I was talking with Snow today. We were talking about this site of course. She was talking about how her and Bluestill go on Club Penguin and pretend I’m the most popular person in the world. So Snow said something like this, “You’re so popular one day there will be a Lime Computer Wallpaper and some kid 100 miles away will be coloring a Lime Color Sheet.” We laughed at that.However, now I’m thinking, is that a good idea? If its not don’t blame me I’m very tired but just tell me what you think!


Dear Puffle Journal,

I am so happy. I got my own blog. (I’M HERE TOO!) and I got back at Lemon, yay! I hid a lemon in her morning pie. Not just any Lemon, the most sour one I could find. Lemon sceamed something terrible and starting running around the igloo. She crashed into her ice statue of a penguin and nearly tipped over my CD rack. But, it was worth it! I never laughed so hard in my life! LIME I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU! *hits Lemon right off page* Mwhahaha. Back to the evil drawing board.


Dear Puffle Journal,

I hope you have all seen the mysterious puffle showing up on a few pages and posts and such. I don’t know who this character is! I need to find out!


Dear Puffle Journal,

I’m going on a quest deep into the forests of Club Penguin to see if any puffles know anything about the puffle that’s been appearing on some of the posts and pages. I know quite a few clans from my days in the forest. I’ve packed my laptop and pies and I put a snake in Lemon’s bed. Now I better go because I hear screaming coming from Lemon’s room!


Dear Puffle Journal,

I asked every single puffle clan in the forest if they have seen the odd puffle. They all say the same thing- they haven’t. That means one thing, we have to look in the mountains. I have never been there. Wish me luck!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Sorry I haven’t updated! The mountains are rocky and it hurts each time you hop! We’re camping in a small valley in between Mt. Penguin and Mt. Puffle and…. wait… I see them! 20? 80? 1000? They’re all over! Puffles just like what I saw on the posts and pages… everywhere! More later, I have to try and talk to these puffles!


Dear Puffle Journal,

These puffles are amazing! They speak many languages and have a unique culture. I even defriended a few of them. We hit some passing puffles with about 10 dishes they call “mud pie”! They call themselves “dirty” puffles. They have so many spots they can’t remember their orginal color! I have to go they want us to help eat their many pies.


Dear Puffle Journal,

It is simply AMAZING here. The fresh mountain air is actually making me feel less grumpy. Can you believe it? The dirty puffles have introduced me to many other puffle clans. I’ve met rainbow puffles, cross breeds, and many more! One breed is called “Bubble Puffles” They can fly without a propeller hat, or anything of the sort. It’s amazing here! (Like said above) The best thing is that most of these puffles eat pie! I’m sad now, I’ll have to be leaving soon! I don’t want to leave!


Dear Puffle Journal,

This morning I packed my bags and got ready to leave but… I have a great idea. How about the puffles come home with me? I’ve asked them and they said they wanted to come with me and be adopted by penguins! We should be back to Club Penguin about the 26th!


Dear Puffle Journal,

We’ve arrived a day early! Everybody is so happy! Not me! Without the fresh mountain air I’m back to my grumpy self, Yay! I’ve decided to let penguins adopt my odd friends, view the page “Puffle Creator” to do this. Now if you don’t mind, I have a have special sister to hit with pie… I wonder if lemon’s burn her eyes like they do her mouth? Only one way to find out!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Well, You should’ve seen snow try to fly, She looked SOOOO STUPID! 😆 One minute she was  on a building with paper wings, the next, BOING, onto the ground flat. It was so funny! Also turns out that lemons do burn Lemon’s eyes! Hah err, but don’t tell snow I might get in touble, I gotta go and pie Snow now so bye!


Dear Puffle Journal,

Well  lemon told snow about me burning her eyes wit lemons… My punishment was I had to actuelly help her, IT WAS TORTURE!! Plus ive kept getting eaten by people again, Its not easy being like a puffle appitiser… Well I gotta go help lemon again unfortunatly,so bye.


Dear Puffle Journal,

Well, I cant find my picture of Layla anywhere, Where is it? Ooooh if it was Lemon…Im gonna get her…The dance wasent very good….*sigh* plus Lemons really mad since Ashes wasnt there,Well nothing good to talk about cept snow going on another pie hunt for easter…I can finally relax home alone until shes done and at the end im pretty sure she’ll bring me back some!, Well im gonna go put lemons in Lemon’s pie right now so bye!



1. Castfire - December 21, 2007


Hey, great comeback. I’m glad I don’t have a sister! I bet they’re so….. nice 8shivers8 anyway, I just had some pizza 🙂

We should make a PLAN! MUAHAHA!

P.S. Cast is NOT back…. just today her dad lets her get to the apt. and use the computer JUST 2DAY SO DONT THINKS SHE’S ON! I LIVE IN THE COMPUTER SO I’M JUST HERE!

2. BUBBLEY BUBBLE! - December 23, 2007

Hey! You Insulting Lemon!
Lime Says:
Well of course it’s my thing!

3. spiderpuffle - December 27, 2007

i think i’ve seen that puffle!

4. dandeman1300 - December 27, 2007

spiderpuffle: make me!
me: u aren’t getting the pie
spiderpuffle: 😯
me: o gosh. *treats spiderpuffle for shock*
spiderpuffle: Tell lemon she tastes gooood!
me: 😮

5. Dandeman1300 - December 27, 2007

weres my comment above that one

6. splashdown92 - January 1, 2008

Gasp! The mountains! I wish you the most luck I’ve ever wished anyone before, Lime!!!

7. Xfadeaway (not logged in and when logged in name is sand6) - January 1, 2008

Lime, Lemon, be careful, the mountains has very dangerous monsters like a HUGE DINOSAUR that can bite you to a dead life and nothing will cure the bites.

8. Snow949 - January 4, 2008

Lime update! its been a week!

9. xfadeaway - January 4, 2008

Lime, Lemon, are you there? I’m calling you in my PSA, I know that my IP address is not the same as my other ones, that’s because I’m on a different computer! Please tell this to Snow so she understands. Bye!

10. xfadeaway - January 5, 2008

Sorry to spam, but I want to let you know that there’s an fire & water & grass attack at the mountains and the forest, I’m at the forest right now, and far far away near the mountains is the fire and water and grass attack, I really call it Snack Attack even if it isn’t snack, cause i just wanna make it sound cool, okay guys? and be careful, there are some powerful guards/soliders at the mountains, okay? oh, and if there isn’t any puffles or if all the puffles say “No I have no clue.” or “No I have no idea.” that means you gotta check underwater, and then you have to check in the clouds, oh, and to fly, I left a jet pack at the mountains for you, The address of where the jet pack is is “Unicorn St. 83423 Okahoma” and if the jet pack runs out of fuel, take the Unlimted Time Jet Pack at the forest, the address pf where the Unlimated Time Jet Pack address is is “Behave Dr. 29343” I hope you can find those jet packs! if you need help just call me on your PSA. when Lemon and Lime were sleeping, I sneaked in your house and droped a PSA in your pocket. Make sure you never get your PSA wet! If you need to dive underwater, just turn your PSA to water mode, then your PSA will become waterproof! Ok I talk too much please don’t cut my comments like Dandeman did, please! Now i’m going to end this comment, bye! *PSA beeps and turns off*

11. cwpleader - January 7, 2008

pif puffy pouffy pif pciffy

12. Sand6 (not logged in) - January 12, 2008


(It’s ok Lemon you don’t have to update only Lime has to)
Lime Says:
That’s very rude. I have been busy living!

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