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Lemon’s Diary


Dear Diary,

I’m so glad that my page opened today! I can’t wait to talk about me being really dumb! LIME! GO BACK TO YOUR OWN PAGE! MAKE ME SUNSHINE! *makes giant elmo statue* Aaaaaaah! HA HA HA! See I can still be cool without being evil! Unlike Lime I never had a family. All I had was my clan. You might hear about a lot of yellow puffles named Lemon but I’m one in a million. Wow this entry isn’t very funny ( Oh well my next entry will be!


Dear Diary,

Aaaaahh!!!! Today I tried a lemon because cpwleader asked if I liked them. Ahahahahah! It was so funny! Oh shut up. Don’t make me get the pie launcher! So anyways, I took a BIG huge bite and my mouth, I don’t know how to explain it. I think it’s what penguins call “sour.” Hahahaha she was like, “AAAAAAHH!!! MY MOUTH!!!” and she was bouncing all over the igloo and- *takes out pie launcher and blasts Lime off the page* You guys didn’t hear anything… So that answers your question cwpleader. Never gonna try one of those again. Lol. I’m going to Peach’s house now. Bye!


Dear Diary,

I LOVE THE SNOW! (As in the white stuff that falls from the sky) There are so many different things you can make out of it! Today, I experienced the first good snowfall since I moved in with Snow(949). I made a snow angel (turned out a little… weird…) a snow puffle, and a replica of Snow’s igloo complete with snow furniture. D Lime, however, made snowballs and snow-pies and threw them at me and Snow. Good thing my snow igloo was bullet-proof. Lime’s reaction was PRICELESS! Ha ha I’m laughing my head off. *Takes out pie launcher 15000* I got a newer one than you! *Grabs pie launcher 16000* WHERE’D YOU GET THAT?!? I made it out of the snow! EAT PIE! 


Dear Diary,

Wow it’s been a while. I’ve been answering so many questions on the questions page, it’s crazy! If you read the puffle story “Scaredy Puffle,” you would’ve seen that Lime was actually nice to me! (GASP) I’m no longer afraid of my puffle house. Good thing, too; I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all! I can’t believe I’m saying this…. *gulp* … Thanks Lime. Well I gotta go wash my mouth out with soap. Bye!


Dear Diary,

Merry almost-Christmas! Snow and I celebrated by eating pie. (That’s a shock…) Lime celebrated by buying a new version of the Pie Launcher and shooting at us with pecan pies. (Another shocker) He also put a super sour lemon in my morning pie. O yea!!! I am SO going to get you back for that! And this is my page!!! Well I’m taking over. *GASP* Hahahaha! Well, I gotta go make a brand brand new Pie Launcher and get Lime off my page. Seeya!


Dear Diary,

Has anyone else noticed the odd-colored puffle appearing on several different pages? I hope I’m not crazy… Oops, bad news for you! Hey! Well, Lime and I are going to try to find out more info about this strange puffle. Keep your eyes open!


Dear Diary,

Wow, I have’t updated in a while. Sorry, everybody! I’m a very busy puffle, y’know, building new pie launchers and all that. Happy New Year to everyone, by the way! So Puffle Creator is well, being created. It’ll be ready for beta testers in a couple weeks and then it will be open to the public. Trust me: It’s worth the wait! Ready… DAILY PIE-ING TIME! *pies Lemon* WHY DO YOU SHOW UP ON EVERY SINGLE DIARY ENTRY? I thought I locked my diary so you couldn’t get in! C’mon, I found the key under your matress. …Gotta remember not to hide it there for next time…


Dear Diary,

♪♪ I am so excited for Puffle Creatoooooooooorr! ♪♪ *window breaks* Uhhhh… IT WAS LIME!! Hey, speaking of Lime, he now has full access to my diary because it’s on a blog. Snow broke the bad news on a comment down there somewhere. X_X Oh well. Also, I’m hoping to get more pix on the pictures page. Any ideas? Oh, and by the way, the “Ideas” page, where you can post ideas for the whole site, is now a subpage for “About.” Lime and I needed more room for other pages.


Dear Diary,

If you read Lime’s journal, you’d know Lime went on some trip to look for new puffle breeds. But if you are smart and went to this page instead, you’d know now. 😛 It’s actually been really quiet back in Snow’s igloo. I keep catching myself checking my morning pies for lemons. Unfortunately, Lime’ll be back real soon, and I will find lemons in my pies and pecan pies in my face. At least, for you guys, PC will be open soon.


Dear Diary,

Wow, I haven’t updated in FOREVER. 😦 Sorry!

On a brighter and less Lime-related note, (lol jk) I hope everyone is enjoying PC! Too bad it’s closed… 😦 AHH THAT’S NOT BRIGHT! Um… a new page was opened! It’s called PIM! (Puffle Instant Messaging) Also, I’m going to take more funny pics of Lime! YAYYYYY! So I’ll go do that now. (just don’t tell Lime! He probably won’t see this until I post them; he’s so busy with PC) Byyyeeee!


There’s a new story in the PC library! It’s about my and the L-word’s first day of school.

Hm… I wonder why Lime is popular. He’s not exactly…. how shuld I put it… likeable. 🙂 LOOK WHO’S TALKNG SUNSHINE! *ignoring* I wonder if all of the popular puffles trash on their sisters. Hope not.

Well I’m really bored. I think I’ll go make a new Pie Launcher. that I’ll steal! Hey! Not going to happen Limey!


Dear Diary,

Valentine’s Day wasn’t all that great. I don’t like anyone, so it was sad to see all these puffle couples everywhere. But it’s over and I’m happy again! 🙂 By the way, you’re not going to hear from Lime for a bit. He’s been removed until he and Snow can talk on meebo. (I’m gonna use this time to work on my Elmo statue! He keeps breaking it when my back is turned!) Well I should go start. Bye!!


Dear Diary,

Omigosh! The dance is coming up soon and I don’t know what to do! Read the PIM chat for more info. 😦 On a brighter subject, I pulled an awesome prank on Lime today! (Hey, he deserved it after he switched my puffle-O’s with lemon warheads!) So anyways, I snuck into his house and found a picture of that girl, Layla! I took it and hid it behind the bookshelf. Lime would NEVER look there lol. I wonder how long it’ll take him to find out. Well I gotta build a Lime-shelter now. Bye!



1. Snow949 - December 20, 2007

Lemon u should update its been awhile

Sorry, Snow!

2. Xfadeaway - December 23, 2007


3. Xfadeaway - December 24, 2007

Um, sorry for spamming, but I just wanted to let you know that on the letters called “Chrismas” is wrong, the letters are on 12/21, it’s suppose to be “Christmas” instead of “Chrismas” You’re missing the T between the s and the m.

Bye for now!

P.S. Don’t forget to tell Snow that it’s Christmas soon!

Okay, thanks!

4. Snow949 - December 27, 2007

Lemon you should update, it’s been a while again.
Lime Says:
Xfadeaway do not impersonate Snow!

5. Xfadeaway - December 27, 2007

Yeah, you should update, I also want to tell you that i’m moving to Pennsylvania on January 1st, 2008.

P.S. Tell Snow that i’m moving to Pennsylvania!

6. Dandeman1300 - December 27, 2007

its my pie and nobody elses :p

7. Xfadeaway - December 27, 2007

How did you know that I impersonated Snow? Maybe your head is broken with blood, ha!
Lime Says:
Everybody has somebody called an ip number. Your’s and Snow’s was different.

8. Xfadeaway - December 27, 2007

Oh, and one more thing. *Xfadeaway spits at Lime*

9. BUBBLEY BUBBLE! - December 31, 2007

Oh and Lime, *Shoots Lime off Lemon’s Diary with Pie Lancher 99999999999999999999990000!* This is LEMON’S DIARY!

10. Xfadeaway - December 31, 2007

yeah this is Lemon’s diary! *shoots Lime 465256342563462534652432654365243652436524 times with pie launcher 99,000* wait there’s only one more pie left in my pie launcher! Oh well I guess I will use it on Lemon now. *shoots Lemon with pie launcher 99,000* OH NO ALL MY PIES ARE GONE!! Good thing I have an pie launcher 98,000 but it doesn’t work very good and besides, my pie launcher 99,000 is better, Well, I’m going to shoot Lime with my pie launcher 98,000. *shoots Lime 9480938509348509384905834 times with pie launcher 98,000* Wow all my pies are gone! well good thing I have my Lime Launcher 99,000! Eat lime Lime! *shoots Lime with lime launcher 99,000* *shoots Lime 93485093485093480593485903845093485093 times with Lime Launcher 99,000* OH NO ALL MY LIMES ARE GONE! Good thing I have my confusion launcher 8,000! *shoots Lime 1 time with confusion launcher 8,000* *shoots myself with confusion launcher 8,000* *myself punches Lime* *myself punches myself* ahh finally the confusion is gone! Wow I talk too much I should end this comment, No wait I think I should make it longer, no wait! other choice! no the other other one! no! the other other other one! *myself punches confusion out of my head* Whew! Enough of that confusion! I feel dizzy… Lime? Lime? LIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are still confused? The confusion only lasts like, 4 minutes later, Lime. WAIT LIME YOU’RE ASLEEP! I think this comment is very long that it’s going to take FOREVER to post it, well, bye! *Myself runs home*

11. Xfadeaway - December 31, 2007

Sorry for spamming, I shouldn’t spam but I just wanted to say that Lemon and Lime should update their diary– It’s been a long time.

12. Snow949 - January 4, 2008

Its been over a week, wow u guys dont update much! lol, well i guess u r really busy all the time- both of u!

13. Snow949 - January 4, 2008

lol lemon, no offense but ur diary’s been posted on a blog…. not really a good hiding place lol

Actually the real one is under my puffle house 😀
… :-O
You didn’t hear anything…

14. Xfadeaway (also known as Sand6) - January 10, 2008

Hoppity puffles! You don’t even know how to walk or gallop or slide or fall!

15. rockhoppertracker - January 10, 2008

Hey Lemon! It’s Charm! You might not remember, but we met at PieCon 2006! Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I like your blog! It’s neat! Me and my really annoying brother Paints, (the one who kept Pia the Pie Man in the costume at PieCon) have a blog ourselves too! Check it out at thepufflediaires.wordpress.com We’ve worked hard to make it awesome and I hope you like it! We should keep in touch more often…maybe me, you, and Peach and Luna (Rattybor’s puffles) should have a Girl’s Night Out at the Coffee Shop! Well, bye!


Yeah! A girl’s night out sounds cool.
I don’t know if I’ll have time, though. I’m really busy.

16. Snow949 - January 13, 2008

You should post more Lime offensive pics that would be funny!

17. Rattybor - January 27, 2008

Hey its Peach and Luna!
That is such a great idea you guys!!! Girls night out sounds so cool! If we do it count us in!

18. scruffie101cp - January 27, 2008

u need to post more wee little puffle (hahahah little one…. mann i sound like my grandma lol haha jkjkjk)

19. lavaster - March 22, 2008


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