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A Puffle Tale Book 1: Scaredy Puffle By Snow949

Scaredy Puffle

It was a snowy day in Club Penguin. The sun gently sank beneath the earth to the other side of the world, which meant it was night. The stars came up and the Aurora Australis painted itself like curtain across the sky. Lime the green puffle gently went to sleep in his puffle house in Snow949’s igloo. His house was directly across from his sister’s, Lemon’s, house.This was Lemon’s first night in Snow949’s igloo. She was not scared of Snow949 nor Lime. She was afraid of her puffle house. It was very dark.Lemon never liked the dark. This was never a problem in the wild, however. She always slept under the stars, under the Aurora.The small yellow puffle walked into her puffle house. She gently laid down the soft bed inside and stared at the ceiling. It was black, completely black.She laid there for hours upon hours, compacted onto one another like a layered cake. Minutes upon minutes, hours upon hours.Lemon finally got up when she heard a noise in the igloo. It sounded like thumping. Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump.

She walked out of her puffle house only to see Lime hopping into his puffle house with a crème pie in his mouth. Lemon followed him.

Lime’s puffle house was far more decorated then hers. Picture’s of other puffles and newspaper clippings lined the walls. He was certainly in the news a lot.

“Snow949 and puffle save Club Penguin Again,” one article said. Another one stated, “Unknown puffle pies Club Penguin mayor.” There were many more.

“What do you want,” Lime yelled, rolling the pie launcher out of his puffle house.

“I’m just wondering what you’re doing,” Lemon said politely.

“I’m getting ready to pie Snow when she walks up,” Lime said, jamming the pie in the pie launcher.

“It won’t get a good aim,” Lime snapped.

“Let me try,” Lemon suggested.

“Ok Lemon just don’t pull the trigger. That’s the last crème pie and if I use pecan pies she’ll be too injured to make cheese pies.”

Lime hopped in front of the pie launcher. Lemon aimed at Lime’s face then pulled the trigger.

Lime was covered in pie from head to head (puffles have no toes)

“WHAT THE HECK LEMON,” Lime yelled grabbing his pie launcher and heading back into his igloo

Lemon was crying from laughing so hard, how she loved a good joke! This was the cheeriest she felt since she moved in with Snow and Lime.

An alarm started ringing from Snow949’s watch. It was time for pie.

“YAY pie,” Snow949 yelling, running to the kitchen.

Lemon hoisted herself onto the sofa. She was very tired. She had not slept all night.

Lime walked out of his puffle house, his face was pie less. He jumped on the sofa and grabbed the remote. He then threw it into the TV.

“Snow it’s those dang Elmo Robbers again. They broke to TV to stop Elmo,” Lime yelled.

“NOT AGAIN,” Snow949 yelled, running out the door.

“Well she’ll be gone for an hour or two. I’ll be watching TV in my puffle house,” Lime said jumping off the sofa.

“I’ll be going for a walk,” Lemon said.

“I’ll be not caring,” Lime yelled, shutting the door of his puffle house.

Lemon walked into the town with a frown. How was she to sleep when she was afraid of the dark? Maybe a small light in her puffle house would help.

She walked into the gift shop and hopped up to a gift shop employee.

“Excuse me sir,” Lemon began, starring up, “Do you sell very small lights here?”

“Wow I talking puffle,” Then employee then starred dumbstruck at Lemon.

“We’re all out of those lights, we won’t get another shipment until next week,” The penguin behind the counter heard her dilemma.

So Lemon tried every store in Club Penguin. Each said the very same thing as the one before them. All of Club Penguin seemed too be out of lights.

The very sad yellow puffle hopped back to Snow949’s igloo. The sun had already set and all the light in the igloo was gone.

Snow949 was already asleep and so was Lime. Oddly Lime left his door open, but Lemon did not care. She hopped into her puffle house and stared at the ceiling. A very sloppy drawing of the Aurora in glow-in-the-dark paint covered the ceiling.

Snow949 was gone all day and couldn’t fit in her puffle house and Lemon didn’t do it. Then it must’ve been-

Lemon looked in though Lime’s open door. He had one eye open. When both eyes met he closed his eye.

Lemon looked back at the glowing ceiling and drifted off to sleep. Living here was going to be more fun then she could imagine.



1. Pappydrewit™ - January 6, 2008

that story was good!

2. ruthrose8 - January 10, 2008

who drew it?
sorry about this guys… but i DID write this story so im gonna answer this:
Its pretty obvious isnt it? Lmeon didnt draw it and snow couldnt fit in the puffle house IT WAS LIME!

3. puppyscruffy - January 27, 2008

wow that was good!

4. Snow949 - January 27, 2008

Thanks Puppyscruffy!

5. lavaster - February 3, 2008

ya, thats a good story! really neat!

6. rockhoppertracker - February 3, 2008

honestly, this was my favorite story. Great job Snow! (I guess you wrote it down and not the puffles…)

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