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A Puffle Tale Book 2: Lime Learns His Lesson By Snow949

It was a snowy night on December 24th. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, cheese pies were stuck in there! Lime was asleep in his bed, dreaming of hitting Lemon in the head.

Ok enough rhyming….

Lime woke up on Christmas day. Lemon was jumping around the igloo with a wide smile.

“Oh I love Christmas, Snow,” Lemon yelled.

“I do too! Who doesn’t like Christmas,” Snow asked back.

“Me,” Lime said hopping out of his bed, “Christmas is a waste of a day, the presents are the only good things.”

“Oh Lime don’t be a scrooge,” Lemon said.

“Scrooge? That old man who went nuts and starting seeing ghosts everywhere,” Lime questioned.

“Come on you guys it’s Christmas. Let’s open our presents and maybe play a game or two,” Snow yelled running to the tree, “I got you guys some really neat stuff!”

Lime ran over and ripped open a package with his name on it. It was a pie launcher from Snow. Lime ripped open another package from Lemon, it was a deck of cards. He really liked playing cards with the Pie Monster, Pie in the cupboard.

Snow gave Lemon a paint set and Lemon gave Snow a new pie tin, that allowed her to cook to pies at once. Lime gave both of them a pie that he took from Pie’s pie pile in the cupboard.

“This pie look’s yummy Lime! I think I’ll eat it now,” Snow yelled taking her pie into the living room.

“Wow Lime, these look just like the pies from the cupboard,” Lemon questioned.

“How odd this that,” Lime said innocently.

“Listen Lime, those playing card’s are the special puffle edition. I went to about ten stores to get them and you took ten seconds to get this pie. You know what? Why am I going out about this dumb present? You don’t even celebrate Christmas with your family. You don’t even care about me or Snow do you? You have no Christmas spirit, scrooge.”

“Caring? Bah. It’s all about the presents. Speaking of presents, YOU DIDN’T GET ME A VERY GOOD ONE THIS YEAR,” Lime said cockily.

Lemon hopped out of the room holding her paint set.

Why do I need to celebrate Christmas? Why do I need to be caring,” Lime thought.

Lime went to sleep that night happy. Christmas was finally over.

As he dreamt a scene came into form. A large mansion. Everyone seemed happy and joyful within it.

“When did he die,” A blue penguin asked.

“Last week, ” A red penguin answered, “I won’t be scrubbing his floor anymore.”

The two penguins laughed.

Lime hopped over to a newspaper that was over the table. It read: MILLIONAIRE LIME FRUIT DIES AT OLD AGE. The date on the newspaper was many years into the future. Lime hopped over to a window he looked out of it and starred at the gate. It read the words:LIME MANOR.

“This is my mansion? Why is everyone is happy? I just died,” Lime asked himself.

“They are happy because you were never kind to them, ” A ghostly pink puffle in the middle of the room said, “Hello Lime I am the Spirit-”

“Are you like that nut job Scrooge’s spirits,” Lime asked.

“Scrooge’s spirits were real and so am I!”

“So why am I here?”

“To learn a lesson, The reason all these penguins are happy is because you treated them like you treat your family. No care, no consideration. They are people Lime, with feelings.”

“But Christmas is-”

“NOT about the gifts it is about caring, one thing you never understood.”

“My family doesn’t care about me? That’s- That’s.”

“No, No your family cares. Now you know how they feel when you don’t care about them. You receive what you give Mr. Fruit.”

“Can I change this?”

“If you try…”

“LIME,” yelled out a voice.

“Learn,” said the ghosty pink puffle, “I will always be with you.”

Lime woke up to his sister’s yelling.

“LIME WAKE UP,” Lemon yelled.

“What,” Lime asked.

“I just want to say sorry about yesterday I didn’t mean to yell at you,” Lemon said quietly.

“No, you were right,” Lime began, “You know Lemon I really do care about you, you are my sister after all.”


“Of course. How about we celebrate Christmas again today! I’m going to make you guys pies. It’s worth it just to let you guys know I care.”

“Sounds like Fun!”

So Snow949 and her puffles celebrated Christmas once more. And Lime learned his lesson. It would last a lifetime.

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