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A Puffle Tale: Book 5: Three Wishes For A Puffle

Three Wishes For A Puffle

It was the night before the puffle dance and four puffles seemed to be very sad.

Lime’s Story

Lime sat down at the table. He wasn’t going to the dance. He tried asking Layla all that week but fear got the best of him. The most popular guy at school can’t go to the dance without a date!

The sad green puffle hopped over to the window. He wanted to know if Layla liked him back, but how?

Lime looked up at the sky, everything was normal. He saw the moon, stars, a shooting star- shooting star?

“A shooting star,” Lime said excitedly, “I can’t blow this! I wish for em- er- I wish for more time to make wishes!”

The star stopped in the sky.

“Wow does this mean I get a second wish,” Lime asked into the open.

There was no answer.

“I wish everybody would show who they liked tonight,” He stopped himself, what if Layla didn’t like him, “but it’s only temporary!”

The star began to move across the sky again. He looked at the door. Nobody was coming.

Lemon’s Story

Lemon was sitting in her puffle house. Everything was silent. She knew Ashes liked her, but did she like him? So confusing.

“Lemon I’m going to the dance,” her brothers voice echoed across Snow949’s igloo.

“Ok,” Lemon voice said weakly, she couldn’t reach normal tone.

If only she had one more day to figure things out. Then maybe she would be going to the dance. She had declined Peach’s offer to go together as best friends and just hang out there.

There were three tiny raps on the front door. Lemon wiped her eyes the best she could, from some early crying and hopped towards the door.

She opened the door.

“Ashes,” she said, “What are you doing here?”

Layla’s Story

Layla starred at herself in the mirror. She groomed her fine purple coat neatly. Maybe if she went to the dance she could find somebody to talk to, to look less pathetic.

“Layla, I’m going shopping,” Bella called.

“Ok,” Layla answered back.

Layla starred at the clock on the wall. The dance was starting soon. She knew who she had to be there with, he might still be at home.

Layla scribbled Bella a note (using her mouth) and ran out the door into the snow.

Ashes’s Story

It was horrible. All of Ashes siblings had gone to the dance, including his owner Funguin. He was alone. Why was he so stupid? Why did he ever think Lemon would like him.

Ashes wasn’t great, just a plain old mass of black hair that was always untidy and Lemon was a beautiful shade of yellow that almost glowed.

Of course he didn’t exactly know if she liked him or not. However, he assumed she didn’t.

Unknowingly, the shooting star flew past his window. He had a crazy idea. Ashes grabbed a flower from the vase on Funguin’s table and ran into the busy streets on Club Penguin.

Lime’s Story

There was a tiny knock at the door. It barely echoed across the room. Lime answered it and was welcomed by a tiny beautiful purple puffle, Layla.

“Lime I’m sorry this is sort of late but, are you going to the dance,” Layla asked.

“No,” Lime answered back, “I have nobody to go with.”

“I’ll go with you,” Layla smiled.

“I fakfja dasdf,” Lime said quickly, he had the fainting feeling again. He pushed it away and said in a weak voice, “Sure, Thanks Layla.”

He quickly turned around and yelled, “Lemon I’m going to the dance.”

There was no answer that he could hear, but he didn’t care, he was going to the dance with Layla,

Lemon’s Story

“I’m here to take you to the dance Lemon,” Ashes said though clenched teeth that were holding a flower, “Would you like to go with me?”

Lemon know exactly who she liked now. “Yes, yes I would,” she said as she took the flower from Ashes and placed it on the table.

Then together they walked out into the thick snow.

Lime & Layla’s Story

The dance was crowded with puffles, and Funguin was dancing to the corner, odd.

Lime and Layla danced and talked and danced and talked. Lime couldn’t have been happier. The wish was the greatest thing he ever did- it was temporary. Wait, it was temporary?

“It was temporary,” Lime quietly burst out

Layla giggled, “What was that Lime?”

“Uh- Nothing,”

The wish had to be expanded it had to be! Lime couldn’t let this all go!

“Listen Lime, I have something to tell you,” Layla said, “I really like-.”

Ashes & Lemon’s Story

Puffles talked everywhere at the dance. Funguin was cabbage patching in the corner. Her poor puffles must’ve been embarrassed.

“I’m surprised your not here with someone else tonight Lemon,” Ashes said.

“Why is that,” Lemon asked back

“Your really pretty.”

“Thanks Ashes,” Lemon said, “Ashes I-.”

Lime & Lemon’s Story

Layla flew away from him, everything flew away he was tumbling though darkness. He landed right at Snow949’s table.

“No,” Lime cried out.

“Lime what’s wrong,” Snow949 said, eating a pie.

“I’m not going to the dance, nobody to go with and I have extreme déjà vu right now, did this happen before?”

“Not sure, Lime you should go to that dance! Regardless!”

“Maybe I will,” Lime said hopping out the door.

Lemon heard her owner from inside her puffle house. She hopped out of the igloo too. Maybe tonight she’ll ask Ashes to the dance.

Snow949’s Story

Both puffles were gone.

“Yes! I knew using this fake star and this time machine would get those puffles together!”

Funguin’s Story


Snow949’s Story:


Funguin’s Story

I bought it at… DUM DUM DUM


Snow949’s Story:




1. Funguin - March 12, 2008


2. Alexis - March 15, 2008

Ahh! Layla didn’t finish!!! I’m confuzzeled. At the end (Before Snow’s and Funguin’s stories) it says Lemon & Lime’s stories about BEFORE the dance but the dance already happened.
because the wish was temporary… they went back BEFORE the wish was made

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