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A Puffle Tale Book 4: The First Day Of School By Snow949

The sun had just risen on the snowy horizon of Club Penguin. Snow949 had been up all night organizing her backpack.

“Snow how long will you organize that backpack,” Lime asked irked as he walked out of his puffle house after a night of long and peaceful sleep.

“Only one more week! Then school begins,” Snow said tired as she moved more books.

“School,” Lemon asked scared, she was up for an hour before Lime, “I’ve never been to school before! We never learned like that in my clan  in the forest. We just learned from our elders…. It’s always been like that!”

 “Yeah Lemon well welcome to society,” Lime said irksomly as he quickly ate up a slice of pie, leftover from last night’s dinner.

“HEY, my clan was a society,” Lemon yelled.

“Well this year is your lucky year Lemon! You and Lime are both signed up to be students at the puffle public school, so you can learn how to be a good puffle,” Snow said cheerfully.

“M- Me A- at S- school,” Lemon said scared, this was horrible she would get teased by Lime and all his friends.

“Well maybe if your lucky some of my popularity will rub off on you,” Lime said laughing, “and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone you’re afriad of the dark…..  NOT!”

“Lime you’re so- so mean,” Lemon yelled.

Hot tears poured out of Lemon’s eyes. She quickly rubbed them off on her bright yellow fur and hopped into her puffle house and locked the door.

The week passed shorter then any of them could imagine. Snow X-ed off the date on her calender and mushered her and her puffle’s off to school.

Snow’s and the puffles’ school were right next door to each other. Snow’s school was about 3 levels high and had Vines twisting around its sides. The Puffle School was only one floor and had two small puffle sized door’s.

Lime hopped in front of Lemon on the way in. Lemon walked in a few seconds later to see her brother crowded by other puffles. He was popular.

The small lobby of the school was crowded with a rainbow of puffles. Lemon tried to search for a particular pink one, Peach.

“LEMON,” yelled a small voice in the roar of puffles. Lemon turned around to see Peach.

“Lemon, glad to see you! Walk with me I have to tell you everything about this school,” Peach yelled draging Lemon into the even more crowded hallway.

“Ok, Lime and his friends are the populars. Do not talk to them for anything,” Peach yelled above the loud talking in the hallway, “and-.”

“What are we,” Lemon asked.

“The losers,” Peach said sadly, “but don’t worry Lemon, things will change; one day.”

The first half of the day went fairly fast. Fortunatly, Peach was in every one of Lemon’s classes. Then lunch came.

The lunch room wasn’t very big. There were only about 5 round tables in a small room.

Peach and Lemon sat by a small black puffle.

“Lemon this is Ashes, Funguin123’s puffle, he’s really cool. I know he has the same name as my older brother but this Ashes is way cooler,” Peach said happily.

“Hi Lemon,” Ashes said.

Lemon’s heart seemed to stop. Why couldn’t she talk?She felt like fainting like Lime did when he met Layla, she fought back the feeling.

“Hello,” Lemon said shyly.

Meanwhile, over at the popular table.

“Hey you guys want to see something F-U-N-N-Y,” a small red puffle said.

Everybody around the table nodded, including Lime.

The small red puffle picked up his lunch tray in his mouth and walked over to Lemon’s table. His tray had a gray unindentifiable substance on it.

His though the tray up in the air and it landed…. SPLAT…. right on Lemon’s head. The gooey gray substance dripped down her forhead and down her face.

Hot tears flowwed like rivers down her cheeks as she ran out of the Lunch Room.

Everybody was laughing except for Peach, Ashes, and Lime. Peach and Ashes were both standing up as if they were going to start a fight of their very own.

Lime hopped over to the red puffle. “You shouldn’t have done that, ” Lime said in a harsh whisper.

“Come on Lime it’s only a loser,” the red puffle said.

“That loser is my little sister,” Lime boomed. The whole room became suddenly still. Lime hopped out of the room.

“Lemon,” Lime asked into the silent hallway. Then he spotted her, she was right by the lunch room doors. Her eyes were large, red, and puffy.

“You stood up for me,” Lemon asked amazed.

“Ya well….,” Lime was embarrsed.

“It’s ok,” Lemon said in a low whisper, “I won’t tell anybody… NOT!”

They both laughed at her joke.

“I think this is the longest time we’ve ever been nice.”

“Yupp, you tell anybody and I’ll hurt you.”


For the first time in her life, Lemon was glad to have a brother



1. Rattybor - February 3, 2008


2. rockhoppertracker - February 3, 2008

great story, and does Lemon like Ashes? I think she does!!!

3. Rattybor - February 4, 2008

Same. lol Peach has a love interest but none of u no him yet… hes one of disney girl’s puffles… youll find out soon.

4. creamfan2 - February 4, 2008

lol in every story lime is nice 2 lemon at the end
not in the 3rd

5. Capuff33 (who doesn't feel like logging onto wordpress right now) - February 4, 2008

How do you get to this page??? I got here through the comments.
Lime Says:
Its in the puffle creator Library!

6. dandeman1300 - February 7, 2008

whos the red puffle 😮

-dandeman1300 @ dandeman13000.wordpress.com 😮

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