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A Puffle Tale Book 3: The Puffle Next Door By Snow949

 It was a snowy morning. Snow was talking on the phone in her irksome voice while Lime napped in his puffle bed.



“Creamfan2 said we’ve got new neighbors,” Snow laughed looking out the window, “I wonder if they like pie.”

“I hope they have puffles, I’ll have a new friend, ” Lemon yelled

“I don’t care about any of them,” Lime said settling back into his bed.

“That’s enough you two,” Snow yelled with a goofy smile, “There’s only one way to learn about our new neighbors, SPY ON THEM!”

“Great idea Snow,” Lemon said cheerfully.

“Lemon, aren’t you the one who says we’re both idiots with no common sense,” Lime said dreamily.

“Not when it come’s to new neighbors, Limey!”

“Lemon I told you not to call me that!”

“Oh come on Lime! We need to know about them! I thought you were all about evil plans!”

“Not when I do evil things with you two… it’s just weird.”

“Fine, then I’ll tell all the guys done at the Pet Shop that Lime Fruit was too scared to do a simple little thing like this! That coming from a girl who’s afraid of the dark, think about it Lime.”

Lime jumped up and hopped out of his puffle bed.

“What are you two standing around for,” Lime boomed, “We have neighbors to spy on!”

Snow949 then leashed up her pets and led them into the fresh white snow.

“Here’s what we will do, Lime you act like a nice sweet puffle while I talk to the neighbor while Lemon’s spys into the window,” Snow said.

“What should I look for Snow,” Lemon asked.

“Look for paintings, pies, and the elmo channel,” Snow replied.

The neighbor’s igloo was made out of sparkling white snow and crisp clear ice. The sun’s rays glittered off it’s smooth white surface. A thin line of smoke came out of the fireplace.

Snow knocked on the door three times until they heard footsteps. Lemon ran out of sight to the back of the igloo.

A penguin finally opened the door. She was a warm brown penguin wearing a pastel suede jacket, white snow boots, a brown pendant, and a bright tiara.

“Um… Hello I’m your new neighbor. My name is Snow, Snow949,” Snow said polietly.

“Oh Hi! I’m Bella, Bella03,”The penguin said.

Bella opened the door wider.

“And who’s this cute little green puffle,” Bella said childish.

“I’m Lime,” Lime said, he odd an odd gesture with his face, as if he was smelling something really bad.

“What’s wrong with your puffle,” Bella asked.

“I don’t know,” Snow bent down to face Lime and then whispered, “Lime what on earth are you doing?”

“Trying to smile, it’s a lot harder then it looks especialy since I’ve never done it before,” Lime whispered back.

“Then don’t smile,” Snow whispered again, she stood back up to face Bella, “My puffle just has a bad headache.”

“Oh it must be this cold why don’t you come in,” Bella said moving aside to let Snow and Lime in.

Just as Bella was about to close the door Lemon hopped in, she was wet and covered with snowflakes.

“This is my other puffle, Lemon,” Snow said.”

“Oh sorry about coming in soaking wet like this,” Lemon apologized.

“It’s alright, the weather’s has gotten worse hasn’t it? Why don’t you warm up by the fire,” Bella said throwing another log into the brick fireplace that lined her igloo wall.

Lemon settled herself by the fire. Bella took a seat on the sofa closest to the fireplace and Snow and Lime took the one directly opposite of Bella’s.

“So Snow,” Bella began, “tell me about yourse-,”

“Bella I think I saw a yellow puffle spying in the windows,” said a blue puffle who was just walking in the room followed by a purple puffle.

Bella turned around and took a deep look at Lemon.

“Ok you caught us,” Lemon said sadly, “I was spying in your windows because it’s part of the um…. tradition of these parts, spy on a new neighbor!”

“Sure,” Bella said, she did not believe Lemon’s lie, “You’re a really odd family. I like that! We’re an odd family too!”

Snow and Bella laughed louding and began to talk. Lemon began to talk to the blue puffle, who’s name turned out to be Charlie, which meant Lime had to talk to the beautiful Purple Puffle, Layla.

“I’m Layla,” the purple puffle said, “You’re Lime right?”

Lime froze for a moment, he knew the words he just couldn’t get them out.

“I fgdfidffsis djfhsj kjsdkf, “Lime said, then he fainted on the floor.

Lime awoke one hour later on the floor of Snow949’s igloo with Lemon over him.

“Finally, you’re awake. Your lucky I told Layla you had a fainting problem so she wouldn’t know you like her. Then we had to carry you home,” Lemon said.

“I don’t like Layla,” Lime said, annoyed.

“Oh please! Do you want to marry her lime? What will you name your children?”

“If I marry Layla you’re marrying Rattybor’s yellow puffle Custard,” Lime laughed.

Just then Custard came into the igloo.



“I copied your key and I’ve been spying on you,” Custard said, “You’re pretty.”

“Ew! Ew! GET OUT,” Lemon threw Custard out the door and yelled across the igloo, “SNOW WE NEED NEW LOCKS.”

“See! I don’t like Layla anymore then you like Custard,” Lime said.

“Sure whatever,” Lemon said, she didn’t believe Lime.

Lime hopped back into his puffle bed, he felt different somehow. However, he was still glad he met the neighbors.



1. bella03 - January 27, 2008

Wow! I LOVE it! Yay! Me!!! 😆

2. rockhoppertracker - January 27, 2008

great story! Lime, don’t be upset! My puffle likes someone too!

3. creamfan2 - January 30, 2008

my puffle likes someone 2!

LOL i laughed so hard wen snows just like “SPY ON THEM!”

awesomeness story 😀

4. creamfan2 - January 30, 2008

but who is this story by? usually it sez on the title

5. Rattybor - January 30, 2008

custard aint my puffle,hes pengjim27’S lol
but hes in ur iggy!

6. Snow949 - January 30, 2008

Its by me cream! i edited the page now it says so!

7. scruffie101cp - January 30, 2008

lolol bella ur in the syory

8. Rattybor - February 3, 2008

no hes not…lol wen im online u cud check hes not…

9. dandeman1300 - February 7, 2008

spiderpuffle has been acting weird when i go certain places 😯

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