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About Lemon


Full Name: Lemon Fruit

Gender: Female

Attitude: Happy, Respectful

Age In Human Years: 12

Sister/Brother: Lime Fruit

Owner: Snow949

Puffle Clan Of Orgin: Sunny Puff Clan



1. Xfadeaway - December 20, 2007

I like you Lemon! Um… Bye! I’m going to feed Lime some pie, bye! (runs to kitchen and gets pie)

2. BUBBLEY BUBBLE! - December 22, 2007

Lemon, Want me too shoot Lime with My pie lancher 9000000000000000000000000000000000000?

Thanks for the offer, but thats my job. 😉

3. FAB FAN - January 4, 2008

Hi Lemon
I think you are so cute, lol
peace out

Aw thanks 😀

4. tails6000 - January 14, 2008

lemon i have a question is it ok if u hit me with a pie launcher 90,000

I only hit Lime. 😆

5. tails6000 - January 15, 2008

sry i wanted some cheering up

6. Pappydrewit™ - January 21, 2008


Do you like waffles, pancakes and french toast?

Stay Pappy!

Papp 😉


7. Uguu - January 21, 2008

Hey Lemon! Wanna practice your shooting Lime skills?
*Pulls a trigger* *Lime targets and Egg tagets appear*
Here! Shoot the lime targets before time runs out! Don’t hit the egg targets! They make you slimey and you lose time! Ready set GO!

8. tails6000 - January 22, 2008

pappy u stole my idea

9. lavaster - February 3, 2008

hey lemon! how do you like life with Snow949? And what was your last fight about with Lime?

10. Zoe - March 6, 2008

*eats lime for your misstress’s entertainment*

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